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Dragons (ages 8-13)

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Looking for martial arts for older children and pre-teens? Read on for more info!

Here at California Academy of Martial Arts in Burbank, we know you want the very best for your kids. Read more to learn why parents call us the best Los Angeles martial arts school for children.


Our martial arts programs for children are completely unique, which is why many of our Kung Fu kids commute from La Crescenta, Pasadena, Beverly Hills, Northridge and West LA.  We offer age-appropriate training for Little Pandas (ages 3-5)Tigers (ages 5-7), and Dragons (ages 8-13).

Why do parents skip over the martial arts schools in their own towns to bring their kids to us? As one of our students put it:

Real World Self-Defense Training

Kids Kung Fu
The Dragons program will help your child/pre-teen (ages 8-13) develop physical, mental, and emotional discipline while perfecting their martial arts technique. Your child needs these skills to navigate the academic and social pressures of junior high. They need the self-confidence to say “Yes, I can” as well as the self-respect to say “No, I won’t.”

Our Dragons learn advanced Wing Chun techniques and apply their skills in drills and sparring. Wing Chun, the style of Bruce Lee, is widely considered the best martial arts style for self-defense because it focuses on training for the real world, not tournaments. We cover the entire Wing Chun system with our Dragons. With hard work and commitment, our highest level Dragons learn aspects of the Wing Chun system even Bruce Lee didn’t know.

Dragons also study Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi to hone their fitness, focus, and balance. With increased focus, your child may begin to achieve better grades at school, laying a stronger foundation for the tough academics taught in junior high and high school.

Burbank Kids Class

Best Burbank Martial Arts for Children

Children receive many conflicting messages about life: from us, from their friends, and especially, from the media. For generations, parents have turned to traditional martial arts in Burbank to ensure their children learn respect, discipline, and compassion for others.

Our goal every day is simple: encourage your children to do a little better than they did the day before. Could your “C” student be a “B” student with just a little more self-esteem? Could your “mostly As” student turn into a “straight A” student with just a little more motivation?


Benefits of Our Dragons Program

  • Their self esteem will increase
  • They will develop strong leadership skills and abilities, including public speaking — no more being too shy to answer questions in the classroom!
  • They will learn how to follow directions and not talk back to their elders
  • They will learn realistic self-defense skills, with different techniques for use in bullying and kidnapping scenarios
  • They will drill how to handle school bullies without fighting, while also learning how to defend themselves if a school confrontation turns violent.
  • We teach your child the “I CAN DO IT” attitude, rather than the “WHY SHOULD I TRY” thought process.

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