Pandas (ages 3-5)

At California Academy of Martial Arts in Burbank, we offer our Little Pandas unparalleled benefits through a fun martial arts curriculum that teaches the life skills they need for elementary school and beyond. Some Los Angeles parents commute an hour each way to bring their kids ages 3-5 to our Little Pandas Kung Fu program.

 “The instructors are absolutely incredible.” – Madeline Y.

Fun. Structured. Personalized. Our Little Pandas curriculum is all of these things and more. Every single martial arts class is pre-planned to help your child build classroom etiquette, self-control, and self-confidence.

Burbank Kids Class

What makes our Burbank children’s martial arts program different than the rest?

  • Classes 7 days a week so even the busiest family can attend
  • Age-appropriate lessons – older children join Tigers (ages 5-7) or Dragons (ages 8-13)
  • A focus on life skills so your child can excel at school, behave at home, and play confidently and nicely with other kids
  • Individual attention with multiple instructors and helpers per class. We ask each Panda for their personal best!
  • Monthly events including safety seminars (bullying, kidnapping and street safety awareness), family days, and themed days such as Superhero Day and Ninja Day

“Very Very Happy Parent!” – Brenda R.
LA Kids Kung Fu

We teach authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu, the style of Bruce Lee and Grandmaster Ip Man.
The Little Pandas also learn Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Each class will hone your child’s focus, discipline and control while enhancing their balance, fitness, and reflexes.

Every single one of our instructors is an incredible martial artist from our own Adult/Teen program. No strangers off Craigslist. Just encouraging, friendly, passionate martial artists who love to teach kids.

Does Your Child Know Street Safety?

Kids Martial Arts“When I ask new students what a stranger is, they usually tell me that they wear black and are very sneaky.

When I ask them what they should do if they get lost at the store, they often describe going outside and looking for their parents’ car.

They don’t know to dial 911 if there’s an emergency.

They don’t know that they tell their parents right away if another adult asks them to keep a secret.

Within a year of joining, most of my Burbank martial arts kids can answer every single question correctly without hesitation. And they can physically and vocally demonstrate how to fight off a kidnapper or dangerous adult.”

– Sifu Nancy Tei, Program Director

Schedule a Free Trial Class Today

Local children are invited to try a free trial class. Come visit us and experience our Little Pandas martial arts program for yourself. It’s never too soon to teach your child how to be safe, self-confident, and enthusiastic about learning. Call (818) 843-7916 today or Contact Us to RSVP.