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Tigers (ages 5½-7)

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Why is our Tigers program so popular with parents seeking Burbank martial arts for kids ages 5-7?


The answer is simple: here at California Academy of Martial Arts in Burbank, we transform children into confident, enthusiastic leaders.

Children ages 5 to 7 are just deciding what type of students they will be. Will they excel in elementary school, willingly volunteering answers in class and playing happily during recess and parties? Or will they struggle academically and socially? Our Kids’ Kung Fu program teaches children that they can achieve anything with hard work, in and out of our martial arts program.

Burbank Kids Class

There are hundreds of martial arts schools in Los Angeles, but many parents commute across town so their children can study Wing Chun Kung Fu with us. Here’s how one Northridge parent put it:

Kids Learn Focus, Discipline and Confidence

We teach Kung Fu, the style of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and many other famous martial artists. Of all the traditional martial arts, Kung Fu offers students the best tools to improve their physical, mental, and emotional fitness. Among other benefits, our Tigers work to improve their skills in the following areas:

  • FOCUS: Focusing on the teacher and the task at hand
  • WORK ETHIC: Setting a goal and following through
  • RESPECT: Respecting classroom rules and etiquette
  • PERSEVERANCE: Tackling difficult tasks with enthusiasm and confidence
  • SAFETY: More aware of safety rules and Stranger Danger
  • BULLY-PROOFED: Confident around bullies, compassionate toward other children
  • LEADERSHIP: Volunteering to lead and answer questions – no more wallflowers!

The Tigers program teaches children age-appropriate lessons in the most popular  martial arts in Los Angeles.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is REALISTIC Self-Defense for Children

Wing Chun was the style of Bruce Lee and his teacher, Grandmaster Ip Man. Unlike most martial arts, which rely on brute strength, Wing Chun was invented by a Shaolin nun to be effective for smaller practitioners – perfect for your Kung Fu kid!

Our children learn techniques and strategies to deter both bullies at school and kidnappers on the streets, while also learning when and how much force to use in each situation. You can breathe a little easier knowing that your children will learn how to protect themselves and find help anytime they feel threatened.

More Discipline, Leadership and Fitness, Too

Shaolin martial arts and Tai Chi, such as what you’ve seen practiced by Jackie Chan and Jet Li, builds discipline, fitness, balance and strength. These life skills will improve your child’s performance in the classroom and in their other extracurricular activities.

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