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What is Wing Chun?

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At California Academy of Martial Arts in Burbank, we are proud to teach Wing Chun Kung Fu, the most realistic, streetwise style ever created. Wing Chun Kung Fu is a Chinese martial arts style that focuses on realistic self-defense techniques. If you study Wing Chun, you will train your reflexes to use strategies that work even if your opponent is bigger and stronger than you are. Wing Chun is characterized by:

“Simultaneous attack and defense” – Rather than blocking, then striking, in Wing Chun we overwhelm our opponent by combining offense and defense to end fights quickly and decisively

“Redirection” – If you fight force with force, the stronger force will always win. Wing Chun harnesses your opponent’s energy and uses it against them so that the fight is decided by skill rather than size.

“Moving Meditation” – Through practicing Wing Chun’s forms, you will learn to train, control, and quiet your mind, enhancing your concentration and awareness.

“The Centerline Theory ” – The quickest route from Point A to Point B is a straight line. Learn how to use the centerline theory to attack vital points at lightning speed while defending your own weak spots such as the throat and groin.

“Relaxation ” – All your training, in any style, will be useless if you cannot relax and focus on your techniques. A tense fighter tires quickly and reacts with fear, while a relaxed fighter trusts their instincts and saves their energy.

“Realistic training, not tournament fighting ” – Some schools focus on winning tournaments. Tournaments have rules and weight classes. The street does not.

History of Wing Chun Kung Fu

Ng Mui Wing ChunSome 400 years ago, China was at war with the Manchus. The Shaolin Temple’s famed fighting monks posed a significant threat to the Manchus. A Shaolin nun, Ng Mui – one of the Temple’s Five Elders – saw a great need for a more combat-effective martial arts style.

Ng Mui combined the Temple’s most realistic street fighting arts and stripped away unnecessary movements, while still retaining the holistic and spiritual aspects of traditional Shaolin martial arts. Her new style utilized the best of the Snake and Crane animal styles, and worked regardless of size or strength.

The Manchus burned down the Temple, forcing its elders to flee. Ng Mui fled to the White Crane Temple, where she met a teenage girl named Yim Wing Chun. Yim Wing Chun’s beauty had attracted the attention of a local bully, who intended to force her into marriage.

Ng Mui trained Yim Wing Chun in her new style. Yim Wing Chun challenged the bully to a fight and won, securing her freedom. The style came to be named after her. At California Academy of Martial Arts, we teach the same Wing Chun style passed down from Ng Mui to Yim Wing Chun, through many generations to Ip Man, Ip Man’s sons, and eventually, Sifu Tei.

Since that time, Wing Chun has become known as the most powerful and lethal style of combat ever to be used in martial arts.

Ip Man: Wing Chun’s Grandmaster

Ip Man, sometimes spelled Yip Man, was immortalized in the Donnie Yen films depicting his life and triumphs. Ip Man’s Wing Chun ability is legendary. He was renowned throughout Hong Kong for winning fights against other Kung Fu masters with ease, despite his small stature.

Over the years Ip Man taught many students, including his sons, Ip Chun and Ip Ching.

I owe my accomplishments to Wing Chun. -Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee and Wing Chun

Bruce Lee was Ip Man’s most famous student. Ip Man, Bruce Lee’s only formal martial arts teacher, taught Bruce Lee the lightning fast hand techniques that would become his signature. Most of Bruce’s most famous philosophies are borrowed or inspired by Wing Chun teachings.

Wing Chun is prominently featured in all of Bruce Lee’s most famous films and demonstrations.

Celebrities Who Do Wing Chun

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California Academy of Martial Arts in Los Angeles/Burbank is one of very few schools that teach authentic Ip Man Wing Chun, as learned by Bruce Lee and Donnie Yen. If you want to learn how to defend yourself while also honing your focus, fitness, and reflexes, call us at (818) 843-7916 today or use our Contact Form and ask about scheduling your trial class.

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